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Lawn Doctor – Moss control in your lawn

Lawn Doctor – Moss control in your lawn

Welcome to Lawn Doctor from Banbury Lawncare, this month we are discussing Moss control in your lawns.

Spring and Autumn are ideal times of year  too eradicate moss from your lawns. we are treating moss sat the moment in readiness for scarifying this spring.

What is Moss?

Moss is a non flowering plant that reproduces in the atmosphere using spores.  They grow in small clumps or patches in your lawn and quite often this happens in shady and damp locations.  It is also noticeable that the lawn has a spongy feel when walked upon.

What are the Causes of Moss in Lawns

  • Poor drainage
  • Shady locations
  • Mowing lawn too short
  • Poor air circulation
  • Build up of leaves on the lawn during autumn and winter months

How to treat

At Banbury Lawncare we provide a moss control programme which is  usually applied as a granular or liquid control. Once applied, over a course of time, usually two weeks,you will notice the moss turning black or brown in various places. (See image)

Spring (March/April/May) and Autumn (September/October) are excellent months to remove the dead moss via Scarification

Over-seeding and Top dressing may then be necessary if there are a lot of dead patches within the lawn due to the removal of the moss.

Contact Neal at Banbury Lawncare for a FREE Bespoke consultation and costing tailored to your own lawn.  We are currently carrying out moss kill treatments and will follow up at a later date with a Scarification visit.

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