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Seasonal Lawn Treatments

Does your lawn look tired, patchy or have bugs? Why not make your lawn look stunning all year round with our seasonal lawn treatment packages. As lawn professionals we can make sure it looks perfect all year

Annual Essential Treatments

Keeping your lawn in peak condition is an all year round job. There is a programme of recommended lawn actions that need following in order to keep your lawn in its optimum condition.

Specialist Treatments

Apart from Lawn treatments we can also control pest and disease problems in lawns. We also provide treatments for the maintenance of paths, driveways and all other hardscape surfaces.



Autumn is one of the most important times of year to care for your lawn. After a hot Summer and in preparation for an unpredictable Winter, giving your lawn some attention now will ensure your grass is healthy over the Winter months.

In Autumn, Banbury Lawn care will apply a treatment designed to maintain the colour and strength in the grass. The formula contains the correct balance of nutrients to ensure that the grass is healthy from the roots to the tip.

Provides essential plant nutrients
Maintains lush green colour
Strengthens grass
Promotes healthy grass growth
Prevents weed and moss developing

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Latest News

Hanwell Fields, Lawn treatment

Hanwell Fields, Lawn treatment

Banbury Lawncare welcome a new lawn treatment garden on Hanwell Fields, Banbury. This circular lawn had a major infestation of the leather jacket pest which had killed off a majority of the garden lawn. A simple scarification treatment, seeding and top dressing will rescue this lawn in no time at all. This garden will now receive our Feed and Weed treatment programme every 11 weeks.  Come back soon to see the new lawn. Contact us for your FREE Lawn treatment consultation     Continue Reading

Brackley Lawn Treatment

Brackley Lawn Treatment

Banbury Lawncare have recently completed the restoration of the rear lawn on this property located on Radstone fields Brackley. The original lawn was thin and poorly developed and so a lawn treatment restoration was undertaken. A seeding, top dressing and slow release feed has now bought this lawn back to its former glory. Why spend thousands on having your lawn returfed when a simple lawn treatment can fix many issues in a shorter space of time and for considerable less cost. Contact us for your FREE lawn treatment consultation with our professional greenkeeper or contact Neal on 07977 000329 to BOOK your appointment today.   Continue Reading