Seasonal Lawn Treatments

Does your lawn look tired, patchy or have bugs? Why not make your lawn look stunning all year round with our seasonal lawn treatment packages. As lawn professionals we can make sure it looks perfect all year

Annual Essential Treatments

Keeping your lawn in peak condition is an all year round job. There is a programme of recommended lawn actions that need following in order to keep your lawn in its optimum condition.

Specialist Treatments

Apart from Lawn treatments we can also control pest and disease problems in lawns. We also provide treatments for the maintenance of paths, driveways and all other hardscape surfaces.

Winter Treatment

Winter Treatment

As the Winter months become colder and the dark nights draw in there is a temptation to forget about your lawn until next year. Banbury Lawn care recognise the need to continue to care for your lawn during this period. Winter is the time when moss tends to take hold within a lawn which is why it is important to act quickly and ensure your lawn treatment plan continues throughout the Winter months.

Banbury Lawn care winter treatment takes place between November and February and involves applying a liquid product to your lawn that, as well as targeting moss contains essential plant nutrients and can keep fungal disease activity at bay.

Targets moss
Provides vital plant nutrients
Fights fungal diseases
Protects your lawn in Winter months to encourage greater growth in the Spring

Winter Treatment


November – February


  • Stimulates chlorophyll activity
  • Encourages stronger, more robust grass plants
  • Dehydrates and controls moss


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Lawn renewal and restoration service

Lawn renewal and restoration service

Banbury Lawncare are now providing Lawn renewal and a restoration service from August 2018 onwards. Following the the warm weather and lack of recent rain most lawns we are seeing are brown, tired and weak in growth and colour. Give your lawn a boost now with our renewal and restoration service. This service does not involve taking your old lawn up What does the service entail? A scarification treatment to remove all the dead grass and thatch from your lawn Removal of the waste accumulated through scarification The application of a top dressing with combined seed and fertilizer Its important this is kept watered between rain showers to aid germination… Continue Reading

Lawn Doctor – Moss control in your lawn

Lawn Doctor – Moss control in your lawn

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